The Basis of Chinese Medicine is the circulation of Blood & Qi.

  • Qi is Healing Energy.

  • QiGong is Energy Mastery - the conscious movement of Qi & Blood.
  • Blue Dragon QiGong Academy

    We offer 6 Certifications which provide marketable skills. Each level contains TEN lessons.

    Certification Skills & Certificates

    Level 1

    Qigong Player

    • 14 Internal Exercises
    • 8 Breathing Exercises
    • 8 Meditations
    • Emotional Enema
    • Dream Programming
    • Anti-Aging Facial
    • Meridian Massage
    • Ear Reflexology Certificate of Completion
    • Psycho-pressure Certificate of Completion
    • Dream Programming Certificate of Completion

    Level 2

    Qigong Instructor Training

    Neidan & Waidan
    • Qi Fitness Training – Certificate of Completion - QiGong Player that uses rotational exercise to build strength
    • Qi Fit for Seniors – Cane and Chair exercises
    • Qi Fit for Kids – Qi Dance
    • 5 Animal Dances
    • Taichi Pole Dance
    • Anatomy Dance
    • Swimming Dragon
    • Emerging Dragon
    • Flying Dragon
    • 14 External Exercises with Qi Stick, Weighted Balls, & Bo Staff

    Level 3

    Qigong Practitioner &

    Acupressure Certification

    Instructor that performs acupressure
    • Acupressure for Emotions Certificate of Completion
    • Qi Ball Massage
    • Qi Stick Massage
    • Perform Qi Emission Therapy
    • Learn 20 acu-meridians and 60 points to massage using fingers, hand, elbow and knee

    Level 4

    Qigong Therapist

    Meridian Therapy Certification

    Increase Qi & Blood circulation though:
    • Lymphatic Exercise Certificate of Completion
    • Meridian Qigong Therapy Certificate of Completion
    • Prescribing Qigong exercise
    ​Learn 8 methods of moving Qi and blood along meridians:
    • Heat (Moxa),
    • Pressure,
    • Sound,
    • Magnets,
    • Red light,
    • Suction (cupping),
    • Scraping (Gwasha) and
    • Microcurrent elect.

    Level 5

    Qigong Healer

    Herbs and Foods as Energy Medicine

    Therapist that does healing w/ Food
    • Juice Feasting & Raw Food Prep Certificate Completion
    • Asian Food Therapy Certificate of Completion
    • 22 Hormone Herbs for Tonics

    Level 6

    Scholar Warrior

    Therapist that knows Spiritual Alchemy

    Spiritual Alchemy & Shamanic Qigong
    Taoist, Tibetan, Ancient Egyptian, AmerIndian and African Shamanic rituals
    • 8 Methods of Meditation
    • Sexual Wisdom & Buddhist Tantra
    • Shamanic Qigong

    The Blue Dragon Academy offers these courses Ongoing Daily, Weekly, Bi-monthly and Monthly Qigong both online and In Person
    See our events section to sign up.

    Online class Twice a month - $1200 tuition or $160 per class.
    In person class monthly - ususally 3rd weekend $1200 tuition or $495 for three months
    Pre-registration required 30 days in advance. No refunds 14 days before class.

    History of Blue Dragon Immortal QiGong

    Blue Dragon Qigong is an authentic family qigong passed down from father to son through fourteen generations.

    Professor Li Bing Yuan (Dr. John B.Y. Lee) was born in 1906 in a suburb of Beijing. His family lineage goes back in a Taoist scholar tradition. It was part of their heritage on the fortieth birthday to receive their inheritance. Professor Lee inherited the training of a Doctor of Oriental Medicine as well as the family import export business.

    Fluent in English, Professor Lee has two sons. He managed to get one out of the country and into the U.S. before Chairman Mao took control in 1949. His other son became a member of the communist party and put on propaganda plays for the workers.

    Neither son was interested in the family qigong. After the communists took control, his lands were seized and Professor Li was put to work in the fields for ten years before his Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture talents were discovered. He worked his way up to head of the acupuncture department at one of the hospitals. During the Cultural Revolution he was imprisoned for seven years in a cell that was only five feet high. The only thing that kept him alive was his family Qigong, which he practiced 12 hours a day. Finally he was released and he made his way out of China and entered the U.S. His son was an officer in the U.S. Army and lived in Virginia. Dr. Lee opened an acupuncture clinic in Washington D.C. and chartered a school to teach the cultural heritage of China. The first name of the school was Ju-Shu-Lin Council of Taoist Scholars.

    He located some old friends in New York’s Chinatown, and commuted back and forth teaching his family qigong, acupuncture and Tui-Na (Chinese medical massage and manipulation). The name of the school was changed to the Peking Institute for Longevity & Rejuvenation. Of all Master Lee’s students only one were given permission to transmit his family’s lineage Qigong. To distinguish the family Qigong, the symbol of the dragon was chosen because it represented immortality. Master Lee explained the color black refers to the essence of kidneys (ancestral energy) so the black dragon was chosen, but black can be depressing to some, so he decidedly portrayed a Blue Dragon.

    Your humble servant, George Love, was given the name Zhen Wu by Master Lee. This name was chosen lightly. For the symbol of the Dark Lord (Zhen Wu) is the Tortoise who serves the Black Water Dragon. In Neolithic prehistory the tortoise - also known as the Dark warrior- and snake together are the symbols or totems of a powerful shaman who fights evil against the demons of the Invisible World. This shaman, among some tribes was called the "black shaman." This shaman would be a great warrior, menacing and powerful, In Daoist Shamanic prehistory very ancient drawings of a black snake and tortoise together symbolize Zhen Wu. From the Shang Dynasty onward, the flag bearing this symbol was part of the king's color guard.

    In relatively modern Chinese prehistory (c. 1200 BC) Zhen Wu (the True Warrior) has become the human figure of a warrior with wild, unruly black hair, dressed in the primitive clothing of the tribal peoples of Neolithic times. He is powerful and strong deity capable of powerful punishments and redemptive deliverance. He is frequently depicted as the black tortoise who rules over the direction North in Chinese cosmology.

    What is Blue Dragon Medical QiGong?
    • Cosmic QiGong – breathing, absorbing environmental Qi
    • Postural and Walking meditations, Insight Meditation
    • 14 Exercises to stimulate 20 Acu-meridians
    • Qigong Self-Massage – Ear, Face & Meridian massage
    • Gu Q Gong – Herb/Food therapy & Bigu – fasting qigong
    • Music QiGong – Healing sounds, & Spiral dancing
    • Shamanic QiGong – Psycho-puncture & emotional release
    • Sexual QiGong – 3 Treasures Qigong

    By: Blue Dragon Immortal Qigong lineage holder Zhenwu aka George Xavier Love, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, licensed Acupuncture Physician

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