Daily Practice

Morning and evening classes in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Hollywood, Davie. Call 561.502.6200 for more information

Weekly and Monthly Classes

Third weekend every month -Seminars on breathing, meditation and internal exercises. Also Includes- Meridian Exercises, Food Prep and Herbal Medicine.

Monthly Events and Weekend Workshops

Soul Sweat Miami, Medical Qigong Playshop, Ear Reflexology, Detoxification & Purification

5 Love Transformations

About 5LT

Why 5 Love Transformations? Because Love transforms everything! 5 Love Transformations is based upon 5 phases in Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with Ancient Egyptian Mind Science, Tibetan Medicine, Amerindian and African Shamanic Dancing and Drumming. Your Healing process starts with Emotional Mastery and healthier perspectives. Then it transforms into Love in Action with internal alchemy aka Medical Qigong, dietary support, better sexual expression, self-healing projects preventing diabesity, heart disease and cancer, leading to immortality.

Lack of Spiritual Direction causes inappropriate response to LIFE producing emotional stress. Emotional stress causes muscular tension that restricts blood flow and blood oxygen that starves organs leading to pain, sickness and death. 5 Love Transformations produces the spiritual direction of Love, Devotion and Surrender.